Vittia adopts modern Corporate Governance practices, based on principles that privilege transparency and respect for all related publics. The business management and monitoring and accountability models are based on strict ethical principles, establishing the conditions for maintaining a long-term relationship with its investors. In line with these principles, Vittia made its IPO in 2021 within the Novo Mercado segment on B3.

Sustainability is one of our strategic principles, which is in line with our adoption of increasingly sustainable practices that are less polluting and harmful to the environment. Since 2016, we issue annual sustainability reports that present the environmental and sustainability measures we adopt. We are constantly looking for improvements to our corporate governance and environmental sustainability practices and we have an internal team and processes dedicated to this matter. The following chart provides information on our environmental initiatives:

In 2021, the Company renewed the achievement of the Mais Integridade (More Integrity) Seal, granted by MAPA, which certifies companies that develop their activities with integrity, ethics, sustainability and responsibility. We are among the five companies in the segments in which we operate to be granted this seal, which we believe evidences the alignment of our growth with sustainability and integrity.